Can anyone recommend a good cart world?

I’ve been looking for cart worlds, but I can’t seem to find any that has a consistent player count. Can anyone recommend me anything? I also need help with my game, I disconnected right before xx:00 :frowning:

Joining cart worlds like 5 minutes before carts spawn works too. I usually just waited until the last 3 minutes, check active worlds and find a cart world. (Usually worlds with SUMMER, ICE, HAMMER, SMASH, CART etc.)

People always come during the last few minutes so I suggest find a world like commanderder said and join 5 minutes early to see the player count

The most popular world is SUMMERSQUAD.


Yeah, but the problem is its user count fluctuates a lot throughout the day.

I’d probably recommend checking the active worlds tab when there’s 10 minutes or so to go until the event starts.