Can I change my name pls

Can I change my in game username pls🇫🇮


In forums yes, but in game no, unless you want to make a new account. And you can change your username in forums by going into preferences.

Welcome to the forums by the way!

You can change your username?

You can only change it once if i remember correctly, at least i can’t do it personally…

Yeah I mean second time

You will then need to ask a forum’s moderator for that request.

I’ve never changed it…

where do you change it?

I’m pretty sure both RetNos and the thread maker were referring to ingame name change

As for forum usernames, I think only new users can change it

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Well, yeah because he or she clearly mentions it here:

Well i do not know about that but ypu need to ask forum moderator to change your name

my old name was pvpenderman but starfire changed it

I meant that on my post. Like i think if your forum account is less than a week old, you can change it once… not 100% sure tho