Can i have two accounts on pixel world?

Can i have 2 different accounts on pixel world or can I only have 1?

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How may accounts can i have?

You can have as many accounts as you want

How do I do that then?

How do I do to have more accounts?

Log out of your account, start new game and finish the tutorial

And can I save that new account then? and how do I do that? If I want to have both!

When you exit to menu 2 times it will suggest you to create an account

Do u have Pic of it?

click change name

Okey so when I’m there on the new one I press new name! And after that?

Can i have 2 account on the same email? Can I have that?

No, but email is optional, you don’t need step by step instructions, I’m sure you can figure it out yourself.

But if I don’t have that, And I come in to the game can I log in to the other (my second account)? Without problems? When I am on the menu (start new or log in)?

Yes, you’ll be fine. Just make sure not to forget your password, if you do, you will lose your account.

I have 7 accounts as my Storage Accounts

And what email address then do u have for recovery email? Do u have the same?

No I dont put recovery emails since the password are listed in my notes

Okey and the notes are where in the game? Do u have a Pic where I can find it?

Notes in phone and i cannot provide you the pics because most of it are private