Can someone explain why mods don't know how to ban actual scammers or illegal traders?

So Today I Got banned (17days) for using two swear words.

Ok so I basically used two swear words, alright.
But can someone explain how this guy @fatdai don’t get banned for saying some bad words, I literally have footage. I even published it on youtube and he’s still walking out there.
In my opinion mod banning system is not fair.
Ok I know that In the past I had some warnings and even one ban, but like what did I do this time?
For saying swear words I get banned? And people like ekipali’s alts still exist out there, when literally ekipali got exposed for illegal trading and the mods didn’t care about that? They just come one time a day online and ban some random guy for swearing? Interesting.

In case you have recent warnings/bans in your log, don’t be surprised that future actions against you will be more resolute. Note that mods base on solid proof and don’t make any rash decissions.

Keep in mind that name shaming is against the rules, if you believe that your ban was unfair then please message support instead You can give it a try and appeal against this decission but it’s unlikely you’ll be unbanned (in my opinion).

Ok, yeah I know about the warning system, but first of all let me explain the whole situation… So I saw a global message where somebody wanted a mod or a famous guy to sign his guestbook, so I came in I was just kinda trolling and acting like a famous guy, I said that I was bozo the clown. He said that i’m not and I for funny said f word and dumb***, because I wanted to kinda act like that clown, and have like a reaction that he disrespected me. It wasn’t meant to be like a bully thing, I didn’t want to offend him, it was more like a role play. And suddenly mod ( retnos I think) came in and saw only that part and boom bans me in rush. And what can I say mods don’t understand jokes. They just ban random people, even tho they don’t know the backstory! It’s just kinda dumb because I needed 2 parts to complete Epwr quest and get the stone, and mods ruins it.

I’s a bit reckless going around and bullying people for no reason, isn’t it? You don’t really know how this person will react, maybe they found it offensive. Additionally you had recent punishment(s) on your account so the reason for the ban is not unfounded I would say.

I wouldn’t say reckless but ok. I don’t think that person got offend by getting called dumb. When you could see in that moment how much sarcasm I was using. If you think that I was the bully or something like that then why don’t you ban fatdai? He has insulted lot of people. Also ban ekipali because he has insulted people to ( for example me when I called him illegal trader) you see that’s the problem with this game mods sit in their chairs, and ban random people that have done the ‘’ lowest bullying’’ When out there people use nword. Or like fatdai day said to me :ky* Even have a footage on yt. Like it just doesn’t make sense if you want this game to be soft then why do you ban lowest bullys when you can ban highest?

First of all, stop name shaming (it’s banable), if you have any proof for the people you mentioned please send it to the support email. Secondly, you just think but can’t be sure about it.

Most likely, if you hadn’t had any recent warnings/bans, you wouldn’t have been banned. Don’t blame mods for such a thing.

First of all what does name shaming mean? You think that now I’ll have to name everyone anonymous? And second I didn’t have ‘’ recent warnings’’ last warning that I got was like a year ago. Third even if I submitted The ‘’ evidence’’ mods wouldn’t care because both situations with anonymous are pretty old like half year ago.

A rule is a rule, I didn’t make it. At worst scenario, you’ll also get banned from the forums.

I was reffering to this message, it doesn’t really matter if the punishment x was logged a year ago or one day ago, it affects your account all the time.

You should have reported this immediately instead, it’s your fault. Emails are being readed by a staff team, not moderators. This is the main purpose of having a support email, to report such incidents.

Well if we’re talking about reporting it at the right moment… i’m not a snitch, I don’t usually cry that someone bullied me online, I don’t really care. Also if we’re talking about the time limit of the email system, like does it matter when it happened? Because the person won’t change, he will still do it, maybe a bit less but still gonna do it.

Worth a try, but I really don’t know if there is a time limit (there shouldn’t be anything like that ig).

Aight. But if we’re talking about bans, I want to know your opinion about illegal trading guy( I will not say the name but you know). You think they shouldn’t ban his alts or they should?

I aint know howmuch warning ye got, or how long ye play the game, I aint know the real reason and ye honesty. Its probably some other big stuff that get you banned. If ye are a toxic player theres probably a ton of report “harassment/bullying” stacked on your account.

Professional Illegal traders are hard to ban, they are reinforced by alt accounts, they are hard to trace they dealt outside the game, They have a dedicated market where concentrated illegal sellers met each other. Little to No Evidence, However if you swore or bulli bunch of people its inside the game, and everyone can see it.
So its too easy for you to get banned

Control yourself man. There are a lot of under-13 players which may have a negative impact on them.

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It wasn’t even a ‘’ stacked reports’’ like what just mod came in didn’t understand the joke I was doing and banned. + if we are talking about illegal trading if there’s evidence you can ban, for example when the creator got exposed. Like why would some random guy accuse creator of illegal trading and make a whole exposing video? It’s kinda funny that the creator didn’t even respond to that situation. I even talked on discord with that creator and he just called me a loser for just asking if he’s a illegal trader and dodge every question. So this all thing comes to one theory which I think is true, probably mods are close friends with the creator and they don’t care that he illegal traders and don’t ban. Because this whole situation is ignored, Litarlly, not even siskea said something about that. They banned him for ‘’ duplicate’’ glitch but that’s not the main reason, he should be banned for illegal trading, + rn he has alts (which I call illegal trading alte) because they’re so stacked, he has blood halo +more.

Mods dont ban people solely based on screenshots, thus they can be faked easily. Thats why we forward people who have screenshots/videos as proofs to If you got banned for swearing , theres no point of making a fuss about it because you already know what you did. Admins needs to check logs in order to ban people on those screenshots which can take some time , thats why people dont usually get a response from support.

I don’t think that I did something so crazy😱 that I have to control myself… community is pretty toxic these days and I get banned for 17 days for Literally nothing. Pixel worlds has the same problem as overwatch 1 they want to make their game soft, but they don’t ban actual people that are threat to them ( that have done worse things), They just ban those little npcs like me, doesn’t make sense, why? Because I’m boosting the game, making it more active, grinding play time. Why’re mods going for smaller bites when they could go to bigger and try to fix the game, by banning illegal traders (like the creator) and ban other people. Be at least daily online and ban people.

So I knew what I did? Trust me you have seen lot of people in the game swearing more than me who used (two words) which aren’t so offensive because it was a JOKE, but then again mods don’t understand jokes. If people get banned for a two swear words then why eki**** ain’t banned?

Do you have any proof of Ekip saying any swear?

Yeah…lol, on discord + I had some game screen shots