Can we get an explanation on how the world trade broke?

So the world “trade” broke at December 4. Everything was glitching crazy and props turned solid when you walked on.

Video showing trade being broken:


Devs be like “damn that’s crazy bro but did we ask?”


Seems like an internet connectivity issue if you ask me.

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It’s not. Everyone else was having the problem.

This can be many things i would check my router or internet connection if not the servers might be down always check pixelworldsgame twitter to see if and update is coming or a restart

It happened a while ago, before mining I believe, it was a tiny thing that had happened, but you could fall inside platforms in BUY and it would kick you out of the game. It lasted only like 2 minutes though. Maybe very popular worlds have glitches or something.

Maybe be sure your internet is good tho

maybe it was a server crash?

Probably hacks , dunno.

It could have had to do with those Worlds beeing basically permanently active.