Can you guess where this ban screen is from?

I’ll do a forum game. Post images of your bans here, and other people will try to guess what place/game is that from.
to be honest, I think that putting a angry smiley on a ban message is kinda funny

I forgot to take a picture(s) of my Growtopia forum bans.

Last time, I got banned for suggesting the community manager of Growtopia to at least clean her room before making a video. And telling her that I think the jokes are dry, the content is repetitive and hasn’t got the greatest editing either.

This is the treatment you receive in Growtopia.

This is what I mean:

Seriously? Man, I’m glad that PW got Jake instead of… them.
Banning scammers is actually funny and Jake actually can take criticism without just banning you.

Her room doesn’t look messy if you ask me, the frame around her is just crowded because of the Christmas decorations she had up at the time of recording.

The content itself isn’t enjoyable though, the videos are far from interesting and they’re pretty unfunny too.