Can't buy gems from pw shop

Today i tried buying gems from the shop but could not get them. The transaction seems to start but i never get to the end and the game restarts :confused:
I play from PC .
When i try to buy i can’t get to Steam account page to finish the transaction and i get no error message. The game just restarts and no buy :frowning:
I tried with 2 different Xmas bundles but no way…
I tried buying some lure from the shop and it works, so the bug only affects gems buy.
I already bought different bundles and it always worked, so this is something new…
I have founds in my Steam account.
Please help, I’d like to buy before xmass offer ends!
Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Check this post made by Jake

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They’re having a different issue to the one Jake’s talking about.

Jake’s thread is about players who’ve purchased the Xmas bundles, and haven’t received their items.

This post however, is about the transaction not functioning. They’re able to start the transaction, but Pixel Worlds resets, no money actually changes hands in this situation.

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Thank-you guys. I think the best option for me is writing to the support email and ask for help.
I will write here what happens and if my issue got solved somehow.

Still no answer from support and the bug still present :sob:

What’s you account name and when did you first try to make the purchase? Does Steam interface say anything about the purchase? Seems like you’re not losing any money?

Hello, i tried 1 minute ago, before answering to your message and it finally worked!

The bug started like 3 days ago and I had no message from the Steam interface, just the game was restarting any time i tried to make a purchase.
I didn’t lose any money.

Anyway, the issue seems solved now, thanks :smiley:

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