Can't change any account information

when I tried to login from my phone because I play from steam it said that i had sth incorrect
i thought that i might have written my password wrong but then i couldn’t change it
i also don’t have a recovery email and i can’t add one because there’s an error that says that my email is already in use, even tho it’s not and i know it…
i need help with that because if i accidentally lose my account i ain’t gonna be able to get it back

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Welcome to the forums, @D1stracted!

So what your basically saying is you didn’t add an email recovery and you’ve forgotten your password?

As what Jake mentioned on his Twitch stream,
No recovery email = No help.
because they can’t prove that your the real account owner, but they should be another way.

Try guessing your password for now, but if it this problem insists. Contact support.

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You should alwayyyyys add a recovery emaillll :smiley:

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Welcome to Forums!!..

Have you tried creating a new email and adding that as your recovery email? If you haven’t, give it a try. Welcome to the forums btw!

If you did not make any purchases, consider guessing the password. I doubt there is any other sufficient way to prove yourself as that specific account owner.

thank you. but it might have just been the account that did never verify on the database.
i made another account with my phone, transfered my items and it works perfectly
thank you for replying tho :slight_smile: