Cant find email recovery

So yesterday sudddenly my acc got log out so i want to log in again its said inccorect
so i went to lost password to change my password
its said like my pic, cant find email databse wtver

can anyone help?
im not doing anything wrong , i just not playing like 3 days and then that happen

Welcome to the forums.

The recovery email may not be working currently. Send an email to and ask if the appropriate “forgot password” response email can be forwarded to you.

i did that , like 4 times also its been 2 week still no proges at all
even mod said “wait” well i just want mod to know to boost up my case ?
but yeah idk what to do now.

Sorry to hear. Unfortunately a lot of emails have been sent to support due to a lot of different issues. It may take a minute.

For now, make a new account or play another game. Eventually they will check on your issue.

Sure 2 week feels like a minute for me ,i hope they are doing great service for all user that love this game.

thanks for helping anyways

Contact the support email, tell them what happened and ask them for your recovery email, they might be able to provide it.

Anyway i did a lot time contact support but like they didnt reply anything at all , now its been 2 week
5th time i sent email about that

i just hope they are doing good at service like this , i love this game homie.

ty for reply anyways

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