Cape of Dawn | Update

" Into the dawn of time the darkness shall find the endless terror of flight , Grants double jump ability."

" I give all the rights of my item design to Kukouri Mobile Entertainment ltd. To use it as they please In Their games/so ial media or any form of media".


This is very nice art one of your best


Thank you! @Orangehairguy

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Looks super cool! I like how it’s a simple colour scheme too.


Ok, this art looks so cool! I also liked the name that you gave it. :smile:


It looks great, and uses the limited colour scheme really well!
I did notice a slight oversight though, on the left sprite you forgot to make the interior of the cape grey. (It could be an intentional design choice, but I don’t think it is.)


more like dracula cape
if this exist ingame the price would be 200pl :joy:

thanks @fyn im wondering if ill hide the interior then it suddenly shows when jumping , like the effects on ifrit wings but yeah thanks .

ahaahha XD i cant imagine if that happens,

thanks ! i keep on thinking that time , and the hardest part of making an item , is creating its own name XD.

Ah, sweet. Either way, it looks great. :smile:

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Damn this so cool, you have made really great job with designing this cape. How others already said I’m real fan of it being that simple and colour scheme.

I don’t know if you heard about it but Jake said that there will be soon new contest about back items, if capes would be allowed I think that you should participate in it with this awesome cape but that depends on you.

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Thank you @TheShawen , that would be amazing ill try to participate as well when there’s back item competition :wink:.

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No problem man, that would be awesome, good luck with it, I would also really love to see cape like this ing.

My dude, this is cool