Carbon rod or fiberglass rod

which is the best rod and worth to be upgraded?
im having a hard time choosing the both of them


ME TOO!! XDD man idk i’ve tried both, and this is what i get from my experience. fibreglass catches mostly small-medium but it’s way faster than carbon, carbon catches medium-large and way better chance to get huge but of course it’s slower. Profit should be same so if you’re low on wls then go for fiber, since for carbon you need many strike boost gear etc.

Why not both? I’m using everything except bamboo.


Ive conducted an experiment to which rod is better, as what i can see fiber is faster than carbon. using both without upgrades will be deadly.

im not sure what to use actually, ive upgraded my fiberglass and still cant catch huge fish… too fast.

Fiber Glass= Fast strike, Able to catch medium fish with ez Large and huge may be a little harder
Carbon fiber= Slower strike, catch large with ez huge is quick but not too hard, less likely to get tiny fish!

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It depends on what you prefer. As like what Elijah have said, fiberglass has faster strike than carbon but the downside is you get smaller fishes with it not like carbon.

So if you want a cheaper and faster strike rod, get fiber. If you want larger fish, slow strike then get carbon.

I once saw a video about comparing these 2 rods, both gave almost the same profit, not that much gem difference.

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fiberglass rod good also is bambooo rod

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