Card Battle Ideas

I noted these ideas, lemme know what do you think about it?

How to play?
1- Wrench player
2- click card battle button
3- choose free mode OR for gems
4- Entry fee 350 gems
5- start battle
6- win battle
7- Earn 5 Card Token (Every win = 5 Card Token)
8- Go PixelStation and buy card packs from Npc to get more cards.
(Card packs will be like gem pouchs but opening animation will be different, It depends on rarity of the pack you opening.)
(Max card battle entry is 100 per day, but entry doesn’t have limit if you playing free mode)
100 Card battle per day means 500 Card Tokens or less, depends on how many battle you won or lost.
If you win 10 card battles in a row, you get 5 more card tokens as a bonus.

There will be 3 card pack and you will be able to buy for Card Tokens from PixelStation NPC.
1- 50 Card Token = 1 Common Card Pack
2- 250 Card Token = 1 Rare Card Pack
3- 450 Card Token = 1 Legendary Card Pack

"Not every card in the Legendary pack is extremely good, the chances of getting cards that are very powerful are low."

Legendary pack will sometimes get an extremely powerful golden card with limited time, just like seasonal shards.
It is up to you to sell and profit OR use it for card battle.

Card Battle Quests
There will be card battle quests, The quest will tell you which NPC to fight, and you’ll go to him to play card battle. The difficulty of NPCs will be different, and once you finish these quests, you will have obtained that NPC’s special card as a reward. (+Gems, Exp)

Using alt account to abuse
I think the solution to not allow alts is there will be a system like a PVP, if you keep play with same player nonstop Card Tokens that you’ll get will start decrease.
Second option is you won’t be able to play with same player for 10 or 5 minutes.

Thanks for reading!

Don’t you think it’s bit late to suggest ideas how to develop it since it’s already in progress?

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I agree with @Fazeus, they’ll have probably figured out a lot of this stuff by now.

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