Card Battle SCAM! *WARNING*

I just lost a card battle after making a bet. And the owner or someone with rights. Kicked me. And it caused me to Auto Forfeit the match!?
Luckily I didn’t do that 10k BC bet that they wanted at the start. (Too poor to do it :stuck_out_tongue: )
But if I did do 10k, I would be out 10k BC rn… without even playing the match.


  • Player 1 challenged Player 2 to a 10k Byte Coin wager
  • Player 3 kicks/bans player 2
  • Forces Player 2 to forfeit the match
  • Player 1 gets 10k Byte Coins free

I thought it was fixed?

How can it be fixed? Players having immunity against kicks/bans?

I want to card battle you in a bet of 500 - 1000 bc :slight_smile:

Later probably, but in CARD so the scam just doesn’t happen

i 1vs1 people for 10k bytes all the time in worlds like TRADE and BUY. It’s easy profit. But not many people are brave enough to accept the challenge. I have made 70k