Card Game Timer Stuck at 0

I was trying to fight against my alt account until the Timer got Stuck at 0 at the start of the game. The emotes still work but the time is stuck.

I think this is how to replicate it:

  1. Make sure to have a slow device, (slow loading times). The opponent doesn’t need it but you do to replicate it.
    Found a great way to test if your device is slow enough: Make sure that every time when you are trying to “CRAFT CARDS” in the Card Collection you are loading in the next page in like around 5 seconds or more OR the whole game freezes (Happens to me very often, the game just like crashes on my phone while trying to Craft Cards and edit my deck). Also if you are trying to enter worlds, it’s usually stuck at “Entering World” 60% at the time, you have to restart the device to get to enter worlds.
    This happens (not very often but it does): While loading, the game decides that you forfeited which is kinda nonsense but what can a slow device do:

  2. Play a match against a player and never restart the game when you do another one. Then the device appears to be slower and slower (idk the game somehow takes more resources when you run it longer or the device gets worse when the game runs a long time).

  3. When trying to do another one you notice that the loading time is very slow! The opponent runs out of time and you haven’t still loaded in or loaded in at the 0 second mark!

  4. When trying to play after it loaded, you see that it’s opponent’s turn but in reality opponent is waiting for you and the timer is at 0 for both players. (Doesn’t happen very often, it’s rare. Usually the game forwards the opponent’s time (shows what he/she placed and the turn ends) and shows that you just got the game Turn now.)

Happened to me once, but opponent disconnected.

Happened to me aswell, just 1 hour ago, when I was battling you

(Really shows how slow my phone can get, I even disconected to you :sob: )