Card Shuffling

Look, we’ve all been there, alright? When we’re card battling, your starting hand is literally bad. Take these 2 for examples.

This gives the opponent an upper hand in advantage when it comes to the battle. Is this what you call a “skill based” game? Allowing an unfair advantage at the start for one of the players?

To counter this, I propose allowing both players to shuffle their starting deck. If you’ve played PvZ Heroes before, you should know how this shuffling system works. At the start of the game, they can choose to shuffle one, two, or even all of the cards in their hand. Players are still able to skip this phase if they desire their current cards in hand. The shuffled card will return to their deck, to be then picked up sooner or later or never. A random card from the player’s deck would then appear on hand. Once shuffled, the cards that appear after shuffling may NOT be re-shuffled.

While of course, an effect card may become another effect card again, this still balances out the match between players. Getting their desired early game cards, over a full endgame hand, or even 4 action cards at the start.

What’re your thoughts on this system? Would it be exploitable? Do tell me your thoughts down in the replies.