Cars please

My friend is about to quit if he dont get car racing where u can drive like jetrace but at ground with car customizer pls help me and my friend

Tell him he can quit :slight_smile:


you already made this thread

I"ll be honest, it’s not a good reason to quit.

Also, forcing to ask the devs to add a feature won’t help, they will just get tired of it and don’t add it.

Not to be evil but it’s not because only 1 person suggest that, that this must be added.

@Lukepopp is right, you already made the thread and got replies regarding your suggestion.

There is already jetrace.

If you wanna suggest it you need a concept and to suggest it SERIOUSLY.
The pw cars update (suggestion)

We have jets so why we can’t have cars?!
Concept art

How will cars work:

Cars will be mounts obtainable from the byte coin store! For the start some of these may be the first cars ever added in-game
Concept art of a few models you created

Cars will basically be a mount that is purely and just for decoration

The copypasta where you agree kukouri can use your concept in their media and games

You suggested this, twice. Try to suggest something in a good way instead of implying that your friend is quitting because the developers won’t add a feature like this.


Also we already have jets like the hotrod. If your friend wants cars tell him to go for the hotrod jet smh :man_shrugging:

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Sorry but i made this again becuz im new and i dont know how to change the text

He want cars in pw becuz he love driving

I dont know how ti change text

Thats not funny he is my best friend

i want to run over my friends yes pls oh pls add this :star_struck::star_struck:


it’s not like they didn’t ban 200 accounts because of having duped items, you can tell your friend to move to a cars game if he loves driving

… he want cars in pw he lost his motivation when he start loving cars

if he only wants cars he’s in the wrong place

He want fun and cars he got scammed 125k bc too

lost cars, got skem 125k bc… a perfect reason to move to a car game imo

Hey i want to say he lost hes motivation toi be cuz he got scammed

Yeah I feel like that’s not the devs fault :thinking: