Change the verified email

I have a problem. I forgot my password for my email. Email is verified. When I wanna change the email, it’s showing the pop-menu to send email to my old email. When I click ok to send, it’s showing this(png)

Can someone help me with changing my old email and verify my new one?

You should hide your player ID for safety reasons…

Well maybe you should try to press the “forgot password” on your old email and try to see how you can recover your old email…
If you can’t recover it, then i recommend email the support - - and bring to the support as many evidences you own the account and they will maybe reach you back to help you out to change the email.

(like if you did in-app purchase, get the recipient and send a picture of it to the support and the old email that is set on your account)


Player ID hided. I will send message to support. Thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


No problemo :wink:

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Did you really send a message about not hiding my player id? looll

NICE PLAYER ID :sunglasses:

Nice albert, very good job LMNAO

I’m not sure what someone is going to do with a player id

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You never know guys, these hackers can end up manipulating the data within the player’s ID and these hackers are constantly getting smarter at an increased rate. :joy:

Bruh wha that’s impossible im pretty sure dev himself said it was harmless

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That’s still not a reason to share your player ID.

it kinda is tho if its harmless.

imo its the same as sharing your username.

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