Changes in Pixel Worlds

There are a few things I would personally change in the game.

  1. Have the opportunity to open all your gem pouches. I have actually 900 puny gem pounch, opening them is a totally waste of my time
  2. Adding accurate stats to items, for example
    Excavator Mustache :15 % increase the change of extra gemstones
  3. problem150 lvl - 2 proposition
    3.1. Add more levels hardest to reach with new perks
    3.2 If you are on lvl 150 experience which you should get for quest or achievements swap to gem. 1500exp > 1500 gems. Now if you are on lvl 150 most of quest is not make sense.

What do you think and what are your suggestions?

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Welcome to the forums!

1.) By long-pressing the gem pouches, they can be opened not ones. but all. is a good idea.
2.) Theres no need for that, rng matters.
3.) i think 150 is ok, no need to rise it. new perks is a good suggestion.

3.) the problem is the lot of quest and achievements give experience which is useless where you reach 150 lvl. I love doing quest but sometimes give me totally nothing when i finished achievements 1000 quest and quest give you only experience…

i see what you mean, but theres no need to make levels rise. and even if quests commonly gives xp. its very useful for new people like me. theres no need for a change for it.