Changing art styles is not that hard

Ok guys, let’s see the criticism for my art. Btw guys, I will stop with lewd pictures and @RetNos and @Tamoru-Kun, I will make your pictures soon.

P.S Anybody else wants art specifically made for them, tell me and tell me what style or design, you would like on it!

I recently did loads of art and got good ratings on it! :smirk:

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As long as you dont trace one’s artwork, you are good. Because changing styles is one way of telling if the art is being copied or not

I wouldn’t say trace now. Let’s just say, I look for ideas on the internet and then therefore, make my own version of that idea. Thanks for the advice tho!

Yeah, you can look at others’ work for inspiration, but as long as you don’t copy every little detail

Yeah, dont worry lol I don’t

Can i get art :>

If you say that changing art style ISN’T that hard…I need to verify a few facts here:

  1. What are the approximate dates of the arts that you have posted here? No, I’m not referring to the time in which the arts are posted, but when you created them.
  2. Assuming you speak the truth AND only the truth, what’s your strategy for changing your art style every few days? Do you look at random arts on DeviantArt and try to copy their style?
  3. And just to be sure, can you send a video recording of your entire from sketch-to-finished-product drawing? I wanna know whether you’re tracing art from the Internet or not, as there’s evidence that you did so on the Desti and Lukepopp drawings. You can host them on a site like YouTube.
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  1. Too much effort
  2. Nope
  3. Yeah I probably could.
  4. Why are you getting so mad over my drawings that I worked hard for? Is it illegal to have talent? And I spend lengthwise time. :joy: Now read my thread properly and I asked that people who wish for me to draw something, I can draw.
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Yeah sure bro

Nah, it’s just not good to use your talents in an indecent way, well I guess can you draw this?

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Yes ofc I can but theres a queue XD :grin: Yeah I’m sorry for doing that because I thought the perspective would be viewed outside the box :flushed:

I trust this guy ignore the fact that i have 10IQ

You think quite high of yourself don’t you tracing drawings is neither hard work nor talent.