Clan Recruitment - Rave (Level 7, almost level 8)

The Rave clan is looking for good & active members.
Clan name: Rave Gang
Clan tag: [Rave]
Clan world: Soil
Faction: Dark
Clan level: Level 7 (3 million EXP until level 8)


  • Free red scrolls that will always be refilled no matter what
  • Unlimited Spike Bombs to break for gems (will need to return the seeds, you get to keep the gems.)
  • Gems provided to the donations for you, so you will only need to donate 350k EXP a week and nothing else.


Level 100+
Be able to communicate to other clan members in English
Willing to contribute 350k EXP a week
Play at least once a week

Daily Contributions:
The only thing you will be required to contribute is EXP, at least 350k a week. However, if you cannot contribute EXP for one week, let us know and we will be able to let it slide. Gem contributions are greatly appreciated as well, but not required. You will not have to donate gems since the clan leader will take care of all the gem donations, so you will only need to grind EXP.

Please PM me if you want to join the clan. Thank you for reading.

P.S: the clan gems are currently 3200000/3200000 right now and we need about 3 million EXP to advance onto the next level.