Clan - Sanctuary [Lv999] - WIN 1,000 WLS REWARDS! 🏆

Sanctuary [Lv999] :wolf:

You have to prove that you are SERIOUS, and want to this, if you decide to join the Clan. :fire:

  • Also making a Youtube Video about this project! - Youtube Channel: Mysterious :red_circle:

Currently you can SIGN-UP For these Levels!
Join at Level 3 &: :white_check_mark:

  • Gem Quest: 577k Gems & 6m XP - THIS IS ONE TIME QUESTS!
    Before end of Level 10.
    Join at Level 4 &: :four:
  • Gem Quest: 523k Gems & 6m XP - THIS IS ONE TIME QUESTS!
    Before end of Level 10.
  • 5 Platinum Locks + Others exclusive Rewards! :gift:
  • 3 Platinum Locks + 50 World Locks + Others exclusive Rewards!* :gift:
  • 1 Platinum Locks + 50 World Locks + Others exclusive Rewards!* :gift:
    CHALLENGE REWARDS ARE GIVEN WHEN: Clan Reaches Level 10 :star:

Clan World: MOUNT-ARREAT - :map: - EASYDQ


  • Level 150
  • Use Quest Hoarder Perk - IMPORTANT!
  • Use Nice Catch Perk
  • Use Butterfly Hunter Perk
  • Use Beneficial Savagery Perk
  • Focus on Completing in-game Quests
  • Be Active & Complete the Gem & XP Quests!
  • Have Discord for our Clan Server

i wanna say you have 33k subs i think why you does not became influencer???

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I should, after what Jake said a while ago.

  • Currently the Influencer Program is getting reworking with another new Developer of Pixel Worlds
  • It will require less Subscribers to be an, Influencer for Pixel Worlds,
    which i think is good for many other PW Youtubers.
  • But yeah, should happen pretty soon i believe.


I’ll just wait for them to be finished.

Is there a chance that one can join even if he’s not Level 150? I mean if he’s serious about it just like what you said.

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If you reach Level 150 by end of Level 10, and
the person proves some good work, then Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

What if the person have not reached Level 150 by end of Level 10 Clan but still dedicating his time to your guild?

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Well the person should reach it, shouldn’t take long
to reach level 150 anyway if you are level 50 or 75 etc.

I’m Level 47, how long does it take me to be Level 150, by doing what? Your way. What is it?


Spike Bombs and Fishing are great ways.

  • And yes you can join, if you prove us well. :blush:

and what If I have not reached the required level in certain timespan but I’m contributing big to the clan?

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so ur clan is level 3 now?

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Simply tell me what you can do.

It will be later today. :wink:

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I can play, I can fish, I can mine, I can mass produce. I don’t know what else but I know 1 thing for sure I’m not dedicating and spending my whole time on the game neither the guild but I will be contributing. Each of us got something to do in life. xD

We can provide you Spike Bombs, so you can get free Gems and XP.

That should be enough,… and try to help Clan Members, if you can. :slight_smile:

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Sure thing, I guess.

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So how are we gonna settle this?

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Yes, PM me on the Forums your in-game name.

Next time, you only need to post here like 1-2 times.

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can u only join when u are lvl 3?

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You can only sign up for Level 3 and 4 at the moment, Yes.