Clan Tournament Update

The leader of the clan can participate in this clan tournament by submiting the clan at PixelStation.
Clans have time to finish tournament quests for 1 month, when this tournament is over we will be able to see the results of the top 5 clan at PixelStation.
Clan with the most points will be 1st.
The tournament continues for 1 month and then a 1 week break is given to players.

All members of the winner clan will get 150k gems.
2nd clan members will get 70k gems.
3rd clan members will get 40k gems.
4th clan members will get 30k gems.
5th clan members will get 20k gems.
All other clan members will get 10k gems.
The leader of the clan will receive the COTM trophy. (Clan of the month)

To earn clan point, you need to take tournament quests from PixelStation and finish them with your clanmates, each quest gives different point.
When the quest is finished, the new quest appears after 3 hours. The given point can be higher, It’s depends on difficulty of the quest.

Finish 10 Netherworld in 5 minutes with your 3 clanmates.
Finish 10 Jetrace.
Finish 10 Secret Base in 6 minutes with your 3 clanmates.
Finish 5 Deep Nether.
There may be more quests to do with clanmates, which I’ve found for now.



11. Clan Reputation
Daily Clan bonus 600+
Clan Item unlocked
Netherworld exit gem bonus +150%
Lucky Farmer perk: Every each tree you break always drops 10 blocks 100%
12.Clan Reputation
Daily Clan bonus 700+
Clan Item unlocked
Netherworld exit gem bonus +200%
Clan exclusive expression
Extra Perk slot +1
13.Clan Reputation
Daily Clan bonus 800+
Clan Item unlocked
Netherworld exit gem bonus +250%
Magician Fisher perk: Chances of cloning the fish you catch increase by 30%, this means you will get 2 same fish instead of 1.
14.Clan Reputation
Daily Clan bonus 900+
Clan Item Unlocked
Netherworld exit gem bonus +300%
Life stealer perk: Every time a critical hit, your health increases by +10%.
15.Clan Reputation
Daily Clan Bonus 1000+
Clan Item Unlocked
Netherworld exit gem bonus +350
Extra Perk slot +1
Clan exclusive expression
Engineer perk: The jetpack you use increases the flying time by +3 seconds.
11.Reputation items
Dark clan lenses = 120k Gems
Light clan lenses = 120k Gems
12.Reputation items
Dark clan halo = 200k Gems
Light clan halo = 200k Gems
13.Reputation items
Dark clan axe = 250k Gems
Light clan axe = 250k Gems
14.Reputation items
Dark clan jetpack = 300k Gems
Light clan jetpack = 300k Gems
15.Reputation items
Dark Mecha Dragon = 400k Gems + 150 Gear
Light Mecha Dragon = 400k Gems + 150 Gear

1.Is for me?



This update might improve every clans ingame, this is literally the greatest clan update if this exists ingame! 5/5


This perk might be too overpowered, since not much blocks drop at a rate of 10 blocks/tree. Maybe add somewhat of a 25% chance for it?

Regarding the clan tournaments, I’d like to see a somewhat of a ladder reward thing. Minor rewards for the clans who did not won the tournament. Say, your clan reaches a specific amount of points, then they’d get the option to choose 1 of 3 rewards (Gems, XP, or other items). The higher the points the clan contributes, the more valuable the items you get on the ladder. This would really encourage clans who aren’t really that rich to join the clan tournaments, considering that most clans that win (or are in the TOP 5) are usually either high level, or have really rich/hard working members.


This clan tournament can be hosted unofficially by players since we have the Faction Locks. This is a very very good idea. +1

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This would make clan grinding even cooler, especially the tournament idea is super cool hope it comes into the game. The perks you set as example are a little bit to OP in my point of view.


GREAT! I would really like to the this update!
But as already said, the Lucky Farmer Perk would be too OP.

  1. I don’t think, we need more levels are the level up system has issues right now.
  2. Some of the Perks, are way to OP and will cause a further issue with higher level clans.
  3. I think, each clan level should be separated and top 5 of each level should get the prizes.
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Oh u Made clan halo’s first? xD i Made few myself few days Ago and posted to forums
That idea is really cool but as everyone has said perks Are too op…
Btw my creations of clan halo’s i Made few days Ago:

Topic was called "How we can improve clans"Have a great day!

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I didn’t said I made first, also your halos looks better than mine have a great day.

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Oh i was asking u were already suggested halo’s?
Not did u Made first, my bad

Also I started making this update and items like 4 day ago, just took me much longer than I expected. :wink:


Your just tryna be nice no offence fazeus but editson your one of the best pixel artists in the forums

Editions :innocent: is better


cry, no one can beat editson in pixel art. I started making pixelart since i joined forums xD

Ye like in my opinion he’s the best pixel artist

Or maybe blackwight :thinking:

Such great ideas! I really wish they could be added in a future clan update.
We definitely need something like this.

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This is goooooood! They should add something like this.

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good idea just you know the axe was too big

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Love that Clan Expression Bro ! @Editson

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