Clan Tournament

An update where every clan can compete with each other. For example there’ll be weekly events that each clan members can participate in. Let’s say it’s mining week each clan member has to complete a mine 100% to earn points. These points can be used to claim rewards incorarge clan members to participate. A leaderboard where the top players who contributed the most points in the whole event and the clan that has the most points in the event will receive prizes depending on their rank on the leaderboard.

Almost every game has this system and it improved the player base in my opinion.


Oh this has been suggested before.


heh, good suggestion regardless

The devs could’ve done this instead of a card game that failed.
I can assure you, all clans (both high and low level) would participate in it even after 2 months…


This wont work because clan battles didnt work.

Did you even read the suggestion?

clan battles failed because of small playerbase and pvp was dead already anyway.

I like this suggestion, would make clans more useful even after they hit level 10.


Someone who knows how to read let’s goooo


I did read it, i just think that elaborating on ckans has already been done before and failed miserably also this system could be implemented by the clan leader without an update.

The thing about why features failed is because of the lack of rewards. Take the “Major 3” of the failed PW updates.

Card game requires a long grind, yet you are only rewarded with 3 - 6 Card Packs.

Best Set only allows 1 person to win (out of 30+ players, btw)

Jetrace is too grindy, and relies too much on luck to profit.

And as for your argument with Clan Battles. What the hell do you expect? You’re only rewarded with around 500 gems, when you spent like 20 minutes battling other players.

As long as events have a decent amount of rewards (Gems, VIP, BC), the feature WILL be successful. That’s what the community wants, after all.


That is probably the best thing I read this year. It makes so much sense I want to cry of happiness. No sarcasm. For real. Wisest thing I’ve read from you.