Clans need another update

From the beginning, clans have lacked content when we where told about a clan pvp update most players thought of different things. when the clan pvp update, came out shortly after it was quickly forgotten. and we haven’t seen anything new for clans since over time issues with clans started to appear.

Issues with clans

1. its so hard to find clan members for lower level clan, if you can find any they most likely can’t contribute gems. (How to fix maybe make each level have a reward only for that level or make reputation no matter on clan level).

2. the clan rewards are, not that great for the effort you put in. you can spend 1,000,000+ :gem: and get 500 :gem: daily which makes not worth it really the rewards should be buffed but don’t make level 10 rewards too good to where it makes the first issue even worse.

3. The clan pvp is useless. The clan pvp is not really used anymore and never really ever was. Maybe make a dynamic world where light faction is a team and dark is a team and the winning team gets 550 :gem: then it starts to decress.

Now lets get to the fun stuff! these are just some things that clans could use or can have.

  1. clan lock mover (moves clan lock in the clan world)
  2. A dynamic world where clan members in the same clan can fight monster, for some bonus clan rewards.
  3. Maybe some special events, that are only for clans like where they get paired up with clans around the same level and they must contribute a certain amount of xp! winning clan of the 20 maybe can get some temporary perk.

These are just ideas, so they can maybe use some change. But I think most of us can a agree clans need a update. If clans keep getting neglected, they could turn into Nether where not much players do it anymore. of course all of these ideas are way too big for the devs to do in one update. Some of these too may not be that good as they may have some flaws.


Agree with moving the clan lock, if you had it in a bad spot you just need to live with it which sucks. Clan perks should be added for the updates, like mining/jetrace(?)/pets(?). Adding a new dynamic world might be a big hassle though, you’d need to make sure your clanmates want to do it, so maybe not.

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maybe there can be a wrap button from the clan tab

Hmm maybe this will be nice

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  • 1: Maybe…

  • 2: Probably not.

  • 3: Clan Events, i’d love that.


I agree.

The Clans as a feature in PW has still a lot of unleashed potential.

Hopefully we will prioritize some sort of improvements for the Clans in 2021.

It all depends on the needs and signals we receive from the community.


It would be pretty awesome to get something more from clans than we have right now.


Clan based events for all types of clan levels? And yes different for levels as if it’s point based stuff obviously the clan that’s level 10 and has extremely active people will win probably all the time that or just tweak some things depending on how much people are in the clan so that way people in a level 1 clan can have the same amount of points as a level 10 clan

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I should of put more detail but if it’s like a tournament or some other event you should be paired up with clans that are the same level

This is a bro moment

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well the no 3 in my clan we already make an event like that but the prize is wl

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True, That’s why the clan battle update was such a disappointment.

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