Closed thrd

Closed and it makes me 20 char


There’s no solid proof; picture or a recording that justifies this.

i feel like this is more of a world advertisement than it is a bug report

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Yeah, 'cause if you knew before we knew that it is being abused you wouldn’t let people enter beforehand after the abusive action. However, you didn’t and yet to say “If you need me to lock the world until the glitch is patched, lemme know. world name is WISH”.

I’m not hating, but if it did really got abused you should provide any image or recording that will justify your statement.

Aight well that would require me to make alternate accounts and actually cheat the system in order to do this. Instead I’ll just remove the world name from my post so it’s not like I’m tryna advertise world lol.

Yeah, but then is there any image or recording of that person who talked to you that he allegedly abused the Wishing Wells that would count as an evidence. On the other hand, was he on a new account? If not, have you seen or tried it on a new account justifying that new created accounts are more likely to have a high chance of winning on Wishing Well?

This just isn’t true.

Not a bug. He either got genuinely lucky with the wishing wells or the person simply traded bytes to that account.


I’ve seen people use alt accounts to win big, I just tested this with my alt and won 2k off of 1k bytes bet. Perhaps it was just luck, but I’m not using more accounts to see cuz it feels illegal

I went in your world and lost 50 bc on a new account >:(

Wells are a scam. Or they would have been abused ages ago.

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Don’t you use this as advertisement for your world? You constantly GM “omg this players just won 1k!”.

Yes i can agree

I frequently see him GMing “come to gamble your bytes”

Confused as to how people are relating this to the topic lmao. Imma just close this thread and message a mod privatly

if this WAS true, then essentially you introduced a new hack lol

Fine I’ll test it myself then lmao with 6 accounts

I don’t really understandd the profit in making such worlds, unless of course you want to sell it right after, but not many would want to pay a lot for a world, unless it makes profit.