[CLOSED THREAD] [First Post] How can you get many wls?

(1sp) - Hello niece and nephew, its 1NB4,
and today 1NB4 wants to know how do everyone gets them world locks?

I want to get my first PL in just 1 month prior but haiyaaa so hard, so hard!

RN i have like 20 wls since ive just started last 3 days. Please help me get a dream achievement/tips.

If your replied something about the thread,
then ill be thanking in advanced.

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Get 2 Pocket Watches from Mining, done.

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I am not sure if this is an honest question or you trying to brag alongside. You do realize that earning that much in a month isn’t possible without effort, right? I’m pretty sure that earning 20 WLs after you just started 3 days ago puts you in schedule (200 WLs by the 30th day) if you’re this consistent.

i wont risk it for now, ill be mining till level 2. ill try it in the future.

i got it by mining and mostly nether and massing water and black tiles. and yea i wont prob get a pl next month. but i must try to do so…

It’s more than possible. The longest it’d take me to get a PL (if I really wanted one) would be 11 days. I’d do it through mining, by going until I get a platinum key, and then selling it for 9. It takes a couple of hours to get a platinum key in a day from my experience, + you can sell any surplus gems that you don’t need.

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Im really curious going to the last mining area, but ill be saving. will be trying to mine as soon as im ready.

this helped my day, thanks!

By my calculations, you will have 1pl in 12 days just by doing what you have been doing already

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im very excited on getting a pl. i just got really lucky at that point, nowadays. im earning 1-5wls per day via mine,nether,mass an bc.

thanks for the calculations

already bought 500 seeds for the price of 310 bc, idk if its cheap or overpriced.

Keep mining level 2, takes quite some time but kinda quicker as you don’t really have to clear all.

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My brother got 438 world locks in just a month. I think you can do it today. It was this month btw

you should tell me how

yea im doing level 2 now, slowly going to lvl3. i never clear the world because that will end my career

If you can’t complete then just stay in level 2

Thanks for the replies!!!

No Problemo.