[CLOSED THREAD] When will this captcha cease?

It’s been 1/half months now since a “so-called cyberhacker” hacked the forums by adding a malware on it which didn’t worked out because the moderators/developers added the captcha immediately. Recently or I mean everyday, ever since I got addicted on visiting at the forums, I, somehow is getting annoyed by this captcha stuff, my ios has no malware, pressed the correct photos and I’m still wrong (the page reloads to itself and I have to try again), took me 15-20mins to literally and finally enter the forums!


  • is this captcha thing permanent?
  • is there any way to fix this problems
  • why am I addicted to forums

The developers can stop using cloudflare or any other DDoS protection service that has a contract with this awful hCaptcha thing and just use a regular, fully working google captcha.


I downloaded it to my device, its working good, also i didnt Even had it on website

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Most probably as in the older forums they never removed it since added.

Only you can answer this

Train for 10 years in identification of Boats, bicycles, traffic lights and cars

I haven’t experienced this

Experienced this in older forums, could be an internet problem? (Haven’t experienced it here yet and hopefully not)

DDos attack if im correct

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Probably permanent, the old forums were even worse tbh, so I’m not complaining

It’s permanent, but shouldn’t appear that often. It might be that your IP is not trusted by Cloudflare algorithms or that you’re connecting from a specific country. Most regions should be OK, but there may be some exceptions, along with manually restricted ones that mostly bring bots and threatful traffic like China, Tor and unknown locations.

I’ll take a look at the settings: Legit users shouldn’t be seeing the captcha all the time.


Thanks for the feedback, I might contact the network operator about this and might scan my wifi.

I suffer captcha daily, if I leave off the forums. I will have to do this captcha thing again for 15mins.

Update: I used my Safari’s tab to Private and this happened to me which won’t give me more captcha. Thanks for fixing it Dev!
Case closed!

Usually works for me.

Used to do that in the old forums (incognito) and it allows me access easier

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There were actually some restrictions left from old forums, cleared those up. Most countries shouldn’t run into the captcha now.

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Yep doesn’t give me a captcha anymore and for others (or so i’ve heard)

Can be treated as solved now



But what will happen to the captcha memes now?



I almost haven’t had any problems with the captcha in here. I just log in normally.

I just signed up awhile ago so I don’t know if my answer is valid(?) but I believe it’s much better than the ones we had in the old forums.

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Welcome to the forums! I also feel that it is much better than the one in the old forums. The case is pretty much solved now.

Google captcha is only and ONLY used for training AI for free with a lie that it’s for human verification.

I am not sure about hCaptcha, but there is still a possibility that they won’t train AI as for Google it’s mainly used for the streetview, but hCaptcha has no service that would require AI.

FunCaptcha (roblox’s one) doesn’t train AI at all as it’s not about picking images with storefronts or traffic signs, but rather giving you a quiz with images like “In which image can the mouse reach the cheese” and I think the purpose is actually human verification here.

But FunCaptcha is only available to huge companies such as Roblox, it’s not free.

The only way to be 100% sure to not train AI is just use those images with a number in it and distractions (lines, dots, etc) so it’s harder for OCR to find the actual code in it.

“hCaptcha helps machine learning companies get their data labeled, pays publishers for their trouble, and users don’t know the difference.”

hCaptcha literally sells the information it collects to machine learning companies, and we have no idea who those companies are. With google at least they’re not profiting DIRECTLY from me doing their captcha’s.

And no, I’m not trying to say that google is good, I do not like google as a corporation at all, but at least they have good working captcha’s.

Anyway, there is no point in continuing this thread since Dev removed the captcha and replaced it with that automatic 5 second checking your browser thingy.

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