Coal for xmas

If my PW account does NOT get banned and/or warned in 2022, will I receive the ACTUAL xmas reward instead of coal?

Or is my account permanently blacklisted?

I think you get coal if you get warned ONLY during december but that doesn’t seem to be case. I didn’t receive any warnings/bans during december, i barely even played pw in december. Yet i got coal but you don’t see me complaining about it everywhere.


That’s because I kinda want the xmas item.

Yeah i wanted one too and i bought one because 500 bytes isn’t that much honestly.

But why would I pay 2WL for an item that was given for free. Even my parents don’t understand.

that’s what you get for breaking rules, easy.

Kinda odd that you told that to your parents but alright…


The ban was from St. Patrick’s so it shouldn’t affect xmas gifts.

If you’ve been naughty or nice in real life, they don’t apply present eligibility to only the month, do they?


Yet you got coal, i guess they have changed it.

Maybe you’ll get 2022’s christmas prize if you don’t beg moderators to ban you.


I swear that the 2022 prize will not be worth as much as 2021.

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I think it gets removed every year, so you will get the prize if you won’t get banned this year probably

just tell them you’ve been naughty and got banned, they will probably understand it :slightly_smiling_face:

This is yeat another thing that shows your stubbornes, you should have just bought the scarf for the 200 bytes or whatever it was originaly and now that it rose you are complaining even more, where is the logic in that?

if you get warned/banned for the WHOLE of a year, you will get coal. it gets reset every year. it is to prevent hackers/cheaters/scammers from being rewarded for doing misbehaviour and reward the part of the community who follow conduct. if you got warned and got coal, the system is working.

WHY should I pay for something that was given for free.

So that you atleast get the item if you want it, there is no logic in not buying the item if you wanted it, it was only like 200 bytes at the start.

imagine complaining over a FREE item. Btw why would you get yourself warned in the first place :thinking:

Swore in the chat in a world with a moderator. The ban was for 5 hours, but yet I still miss out on a quite expensive item.

because you’ve been naughty

it was like 200 bc when it came out, why didn’t you buy it at that time