Coaster town

I don’t know about y’all but back in 2018 I played Coaster Town.
I just realised that the forums back then are similar to Pixel Worlds the current one.


And btw Quqqo I didn’t knew you played the game too

They are both using the same template :stuck_out_tongue:

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I played coaster town, I own 2 Active shops and Im well known reseller before, But i gave my stuffs to my friends and Park to my friends since theres only few who play that time

I also used to play coaster town.
My username is ‘Lich’
The reason the two forums are similar is because they both use discourse to host and build their forum.

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how to play it? it keep saying ‘‘beta closed check again in 1 week’’

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I know you… :rofl: You helped me one time

Making account is hard there

I have played it before, yes

Because both are using Discourse.

It’s not a template, it’s the forum platform itself.

when you make account? i want make 1 account there
i tried few minutes ago cause its monday 8:30 am. hmm idk still beta closed


The game was in beta ever since.
You can’t create an account for months.

It was released before, Turk invades the game making hacks and more thats is why the beta is closed