Collecting mining ingredients kicks you

I got kicked out of Mineworld level 3, I collected a Matchbox which was dropped from a bat and it kicked me to the main menu. Steam version.
In-game name: FarmMiner
Happened at 11-Mar-2021 19:09 Finnish time.

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maybe your internet. if not u should go again and see if it happens again…

Interesting, sounds like a coincidence though. It’s likely that you just collected the mining ingredient at the same time as you got disconnected. You’d have to test it a couple times to confirm.

Might be related to the bug I reported earlier this week: Collecting items and/or gems freezes the game.
Seems to randomly affect some people, and in different areas.

Weird, maybe there is something bigger going on.

Looks like this one had to do with a hack check (hitting enemies).