Colored Name' Questions

This thread refers to the ingame color names ( influencers, moderators and normal players)

  1. Why did the developers chosed green for influencers?
  2. Why does the world owner only gets the world lock beside its flag?
  3. Why light-blue names for moderator?

i have a crazy idea, maybe it’s because it’s their world???


If they were to make World Owners yellow, then it would make the VIP Yellow color useless.
For the others, I have no idea.

i mean, it should be green for world owners and red for influencers. dont know.

theres no reason there should be green for owners and red for influencers no need changing unnecesarry things


dont know why but i feel very unconfortable by it but yea.

Lol yeah I suppose some people thinks it looks weird

former gt player, i think im just brainwashed.

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Name colors aren’t set in stone and nobody should question them really lol. Most games I’ve played had blue/ light blue moderator names. Either way, it’s up to the developers which colors they choose, there doesn’t have to be any hidden meaning or reason behind it.

As for your 2nd question, I do not fully understand it, sorry.

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it’s their game…

why not?

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the 2nd question is about why do world owner recieve the lock beside their name, some game like yes and yes uses green name representing their ownership of their world. i feel unconfortable about it since im a former g- player. ill try being used to it.