Colored nicknames

I had an idea you know the way that admins mods and influencers have there own color nicknames well players could have that too here are my ideas for new colored nicknames

so firstly we have the rulebreaker you will recieve this after 3 bans this will make you quite untrustworthy and I think this could be how to stop permanently banning players because when you think about the devs want people to play there game so they try to avoid perm bans or at least thats what I think

this means that scammers can still play the game but not scam the admins should teach new players to stay away from people with red nicknames also this should be viewed as something not good instead of being a cool thing to have your name red

here is a picture of what it would look like

secondly the mini influencer

this should be given to players with more than 5k subs but they must be pw instagram or youtube based for example they cannot be from growtopia i would estimate there are about 20 players who could earn this

for example even if you make pw content now if you gained your fanbase from growtopia
this can be tested by how many people who watch your videos no offence mysterious but im going to use your channel as an example

your channel has 33k subs but 1000 people watch your videos like I watch them as well they’re very good but you would only get the influencer rank if it proved more people watch your videos

i think this rank should be introduced because apart from possible as far as i know every other influencer came from gt so i find it annoying that influencers are just growtopians

here is a picture of the name ![Screenshot (91)|670x500]

now there is the veteran nickname this would be for players with over 1000 days in age maybe they could even make it 1200 or something if 1000 days is too common but the devs should make it so arounfd 200people have this make it rare but not that rare

this would be cool to recognise veteran players

lastly there should be a pink nickname which you could buy for a large amout of gems maybe 1million or something maybe thats to expensive but it would be cool

note : if a player has for example two or three of these color names they could have their
last letter or maybe half and half of two colors

and finally i hope i get some feedback on this and if people think this is a good idea
and maybe, maybe… this could get implemented ingame idk


But if rule breaker got a special stuffs then ppls going to break rules just to get it


Hmm yeah I thought about it but it shouldn’t be viewed as something special they should be disliked by people also it could have downsides maybe they couldn’t visit worlds with many people they couldn’t have a friend list and others things that would make the game less enjoyable for them and after a month or two it might be lessened and they can redeem themselves

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But I do think you could be right that it would make people want to break game rules but if the community dislikes players with the red name they might not want to get it

I really like the color nickname idea but I’d have to disagree with the rule breaker one. Since the person have already been banned, I think that idea is already enough to make the person change. Plus, the game is against naming and shaming so I highly doubt that it will get implemented because it’s only going to encourage people to do so.

Having the red nickname would only make people quit because they’re most likely just going to get bullied if they’ve been titled as a rule breaker. And I don’t think the devs would want that.


hearing your thoughts jay and blackwight i kind of realise that the rulebreaker one might not work out tbh i hadnt really thought about it that much the idea came to mind and i just created the topic

I don’t see the rule breaker one happening because for one we don’t disclose other players records like bans and such and that would be doing that. Then there would be 1 of 2 scenarios happening. People would work to get banned 3 times and get the colored name. Or just change accounts once they got 3 bans so their usernames weren’t red anymore. I also think a lot of different username colors would eventually get confusing but maybe another way or two to obtain a color wouldn’t be bad.


I agree with Shane and black wight, so many colors will get confusing :sweat_smile: and also that color for being banned would make people want to get banned for a special red color.


yeah as i said this was kind of just thought of created the topic rethinking i realise the rulebreaker would be bad and the others alright idk but i would like at least one of them to happen

Mini influencer and Veteran colors are a yes for me
For rule breaker, imagine liking the color red, and you save up for a very great red set… now all you need is a red name! Gets purposely banned 3 times
And as people have said, it shouldn’t really be a perm one because for example, what if you were just falsely accused?
What if the said person was just a kid back then trying to scam or smth.
Just sucks that it would stick with you so you will probably forced to make a new account since people will be more wary of you.

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I like the red one and I will get it.

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Yeah I have now realise the the rulebreaker one wouldn’t work

I dont get why veterans could have it because it just means Someone found game before.
The amount of days in ur acc doesnt make u pro or smth.
Sorry but i dont like this idea very much:(

Have a good day

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Cyan nickname when :slight_smile:

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It’s fine if you don’t like it but I didn’t say I would give them the name because it meant they were pro just as a reward for having played pw for so long without quitting it’s not the fact that they found it first it’s the fact they have stayed playing for a long time do you think you would deserve a veteran badge if you played pw for 3 more years than now it’s hard to stick with a game for three plus years

Also most of them are pros

It’s not really about being pro,
Yes they’ve found it first, and if you see them with the color up to now, don’t they kinda deserve it for staying or keep on coming back to the game?
Just my thoughts.

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you mean i should make a cyan one … but mods already have cyan…

That idea is cool but for veterans rainbow coloured nickname.

Yeah maybe rainbow would be better than grey that sounds pretty cool

Thanks! I hope your idea gets to viral.

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