Commander_k made a world for me

Lool look what i just found

i guess every lounge_xxxx worlds is owned by commander_k . I was trying to translate the sentences on signs into turkish and decided to go try this world name , and found this out lol.


I think that’s a random world which got claimed by commander_k, maybe it was decayed. Interesting though, it seems like the devs want to make some sort of special worlds, probably for influencers, since the public isn’t allowed to enter LOUNGE_xxxx worlds.

Edit: wait, what… I tried typing LOUNGE_SECRET and it worked… I also tried LOUNGE_SERXAR. They take you to the same world. Strange, I think this may be a glitch? It seems like it works when starting with the letters SE. So yeah, sorry serxan I don’t think they made it for you.

i know it wasnt made for me , it was just a joke😂. You can literally go to any world with the name lounge_xxxx , for example lounge_verytall

No you can’t, it only works if it starts with SE

ooh really? i see 20characrers


i think it happens with SE coz SE means sweden , if you guys try to write lounge_en it will go to english lounge world , or es for spanish and etc.




Ohhhhhhh, that makes so much sense now. They might be improving the tutorial by introducing these worlds with different languages.

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I think it’s more like a feature.
Type : lounge_se(insert a word or something) they are all lounges. I believe we can use them as hangouts

There’s a lounge for every supported language

Yeah, I think when the tutorial is completed it takes the player to one of those worlds depending on what language the player chose. The player then would meet the same people from the same nation.



Ok why isn’t lounge_ru a thing?

Where can the Russians hang out?

Something that relates to the russian language being hard to be implemented, or they just haven’t finished choosing the worlds.

they only have the country worlds which have their language in game i guess , lounge_tr isnt available either

Meanwhile i’m crying because there is no lounge_fr

Is there french language in game?

Nop but i’m working about a patch…