Commander_K's post

Does anybody know what he meant with this?


Maybe he wants to go back to pixel worlds? i dont really know

Pixel worlds is getting soooo wierd

I’m saying there is a chance. Let’s hope for the best I guess

Imagine Miiverse in Pixel Worlds…

…Anyways, I seriously don’t know what exactly is he meaning with this. Maybe he and the entire team (well, except Jake) is going to either make a comeback to PW or make a new PW, leaving the old one to rot.


Guys why in the world do you think he will return when he already has Socialfirst it just doesn’t make sense

what if socialfirst and kukouri merge :flushed:

What the heck is Socialfirst and what does he have to do with it?

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This’ll give you all the info you need :+1:

It’s so sad to see the former owner of Kukouri shill for NFTs and crypto.

Literally nobody wants NFTs or crypto in games. Games are games, pyramid scheme scams NFTs are NFTs.

I think it’s best that CK left Kukouri before wanting to turn PW into a metaverse/crypto/NFT shilling hellscape.

Social first seems interesting tho. They have many members from the old dev team. Pretty sure there’s endless and either midnight walker or dev. Also another artist from Kukouri. They are also hiring a game designer, so maybe this is the new position Jake was offered? They are also based in Helsinki. Anyways, I’ll be looking forward to what they put out next.