Complete beginners guide to PW for dummies

Hi everyone, to stop people from spamming the forums with loads of “how to profit” topics, I’ve made this guide for PW beginners.

Feel free to suggest anything i should add to it.

Before we start I want to re-illustrate the fact that these are my SUGGESTIONS and NOT what you must do( except for following the pw rules ofc)

1.)TLDR: Don’t need to listen to everything i say.
Except for the pw rules.

The noobie days.

When you start the game, finish the tutorial, the first thing you SHOULD do is to change your name, something that can easily Identify yourself as YOU not someone else ( e.g a youtuber such as Jake).

2.) TL DR: Name yourself something.

Getting your first world lock.

Ez just takes some dedication, run the nether, (with the scrolls you get in the tutorial) collect the nether crystals, and break or sell them* might take you like 20 mins, but hey, its wls, its how much people generally earn in their beginning days.

*See ‘trading’
TLDR: Do nether break/sell crystals.

Trading- early days

Once you’ve got 1-3 world locks (wls) i’d suggest trading them for bytes, just go to world BUYBYTE and find the highest amount of BC someone is giving

  • Scams <<>>

Some dishonest and bad players will try to scam you your world locks.

Types of scams:


Remember, even your friends may try scam you
This can be in many forms, but the general idea is to put you in a box,

What about a guide for PW pros? Plz make one of them as well.

Uh I dont think i would be qualified as being a pro…(saddly)

Well actually i can (20 dang chars)

These instructions are kind of vague for new players :man_shrugging:

I recommend providing pictures to make this thread more interesting
A newbie will not read a massive guide without having something to look at.

First i would point out noobie , i never call its old and insulting name of new player.
New player u was and still prolly are.
In my oppinion there is no Noob or Pro.
There is players who love part of game or several or whole game itself and have learned to play it.
There is always one who is better or do different than others, i played lots i never can judge is one Noob or Pro even years passed.
Things u love makes u Master them.

I don’t mean it as a insult, its more of a adjective to describe the first days for a new player.

Sure, nice idea, will do, can do :slight_smile:

sure. i will put more detail, but i want to keep it shorter, so It doesn’t take very long to read.

someone in discord said you need help? a thread with a beginners way to profit or stuff should be pinned. its fine if they asked tho.

Huh? Oh yeah i did ask hoska i just got him to do it lol. He didn’t know what dropgame was