Complex games

Hey there,
I’m Samurai, Soo what do I mean by complex games I simply mean by “games that are wired” Basically it’s a game that uses complex engineering of the wiring! Go to the shop area and check the wiring section. You’ll see a lot of wiring stuff and so on. It’s all used to make the world better.

Examples: Automatic gates, an Alarm that detects when a player joins the world (There’s a tutorial by jake), Automatic mini-games without a player controlling it, And so on.

There’s a lot of things you can do with the wiring. All you need is the wiring tool and some wiring. Now the reason why I wanted to post about this topic is simply that there’s a lot of games without such wirings. Such wirings make a lot of changes even it makes the world better and more complex.

I got the motivation to write about this topic from a world owner most of you might know.
“Tallman528” the owner of the world “Wiredgames”. Please do check the world out.
What I understood by his game is. And he’s my pixel worlds idol aka The person that inspires me!. Something that doesn’t have much recognition from the section of the shop that is in this case “Wiring section” that looks really hard to understand but simply makes your world 10x better is just amazing.

Wirings are a way to make your world really amazing and making it look and feel better while playing.

And even fun fact. Games with wirings and so on also has high demand like for an example if I made a world with wirings in it and went to the world “trader” and sold it for 20 wls or more people would buy it because it makes the world look more unique than other worlds.

Wiring is a way to use your creativity and imagination to make a 2d world a lot more interesting. I hope you found this useful.
Well, hopefully, people would make more such worlds.


Nice topic interesting to read your opinion on stuff

Thank you, I appreciate you reading my opinion xD.

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If you like minigames made with Wiring, check out my world FREETOPLAY! :smile:

It’s a shame people rarely use this wiring stuff, it’s probably one of the best underrated updates, and people use it just for P2P worlds


I mean learning the mechanics for logic gates is quite complicated for some people so yeah

Interesting article. I would like to see more new worlds with wiring mechanics in the future. :smile:

I Have Gamesofpw & Gamesofpw2 (Which are Auto) which has more unique games. If you like mini game maybe check that world out. I Know there more wire mini games worlds out there. But I don’t know there names/or never heard of them/been to them.