Comunity menager

you need a comunity manager, it’s fun how they stream and say what’s in the update, when Jake is gone they don’t do it anymore. Nothing is happening on their channel



also, you said YOU, WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? You literally talking to the person reading this so it can be anyone

but yeah i agree with you btw, i remember jake responded to my chat

Siskea is currently the community manager. I am not 100% sure, but I don’t think she has the skill set to do videos and streaming like Jake was doing. There was a lot of complaining when she did one of the streams before. Maybe they’ll find someone to do these things, but it is uncertain as it depends on the company itself.

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I truly think they barely need a community manager as Siskea kind of does fill that role
What they need is an artist or programmer that can bring updates imo

They do need someone doing the role Jake did

Whatever title you want to give it is unimportant.
Siskea seems nice enough but with respect i say she has the wrong skill sets for that role .

I was sad to hear her say she can’t really do videos as she lacks the equipment and by her own admission is not really good at it

She is therefore the wrong person for this role .

To me it seemed like Jake drove (/pushed) the business (/game) along . Now it’s like a big ship all at sea with no direction nor captain. I use analogies because they seem right here…

Whether that was Jakes role is questionable but it is still what he did.

As for new devs / designers yes, although with the right person(s) in charge even they can be outsourced.

My $0.02 worth

Jake still does streams on his personal channel, but is banned by Siskea from doing PW streams, so he streams other games.

PW is a sinking ship and they won’t hire new community managers.

As a beta player, I believe this game has already reached its peak years ago and the game is slowly dying. I don’t think they’re gonna hire a new one anymore unless the game will become popular again.

considering they seemingly aren’t looking for more employees, they are probably just riding out these next 2 years until the servers shut down.

We need more Comunity menagers guys, it’s an emergency.

karens when anything:

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Siskea is the current Community Manager BTW, she just doesn’t stream.


I heard that Jake can comeback if they will do everything by “his rules”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are gonna do that because they know that the game is dying, also Jake is now jobless so he also needs a job.

Jake “CAN” come back, but, it’s not a normal thing for people to just return to the job they willfullii left, it’s quite uh, lowing blow, and after he’s been dissing kukouri a bit while streaming, i don’t think he’d want to be an official worker anymore, but he did say in streams he doesn’t mind freelancing if they’re readii to “fix the game”, so it’s a double edged sword, he may help, but he won’t be the “big-shot” and that’s what he seems to want, essentiallii to be the one to rule and make the big choices.

Confirm or deny @Jake

Pw is already on hard times

They literally make no money from PW, therefore not being able to afford someone for PR. Yeah it would be nice but they likely can’t afford it.

Out of curiosity how can you be sure of this ?

I’ve wondered about their ad revenue which can be considerable in a global game like this…


Minimum wage is $3781.445 USD/Month in Finland

They literally cant even afford to pay employees

Youtube advertising analytics don’t show how much the game earns. That’s just their video ad rev income from youtube only.
This doesn’t represent their income from IAP purchases and ad rev from ingame advertisement rewards


I thought this was some funny meme about how much they earn :skull:

Yes i know, but either way i dont see them making 10k> a month for employees, of course there are other games, but even so, they likely are scraping by and wont be able to afford to hire someone for PR, there are more important roles they would need to fill before hiring a community manager.