Congratulations Luucsas!

@Luucsas became a moderator in-game recently!


Congratulations man @Luucsas

Literally never heard about them before. Isn’t moderator meant to only be given to known, trusted members in the community as described multiple times by Jake?

Or do the new devs just not care and give it to randoms who can fill out a form properly?

Just because you haven’t heard about them, doesn’t mean they’re not known in the community :slight_smile: Besides, it’s not a requirement to be known in the community. Sure, it can help, but being known doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be a good moderator!


never heard of him either but i looked at his youtube and it looks kinda wholesome lol. i do not play this gayme anymore but most of the players that have been picked to be moderators either have a clean record or have addressed past issues maturely and appropriately.

quite often i will criticise the developers for everything they do, but very rarely, if ever, do i criticise the moderators they pick. you’ll find i criticise the moderators for their actions, not the developers for picking them.

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Well yes but actually no.

Its some people who know me but more known in the finnish community than the others:)


Congratulations @Luucsas

Yes he did! He’s a very nice guy as well. You should get to know him if given the opportunity.

Congrats mate!

Congratulations Lucaas , well deserved

Smell of jealousy emerges!

Nah. I am not even jealous. I didn’t apply, because I know that I wouldn’t be accepted, because I have a negative reputation within the community. Come on, I have been banned from the forums multiple times, and I didn’t get in the forum memorial project because people didn’t like me.

I am just questioning the fact that the thing that Jake stated multiple times didn’t get applied in this case. And based on Siskea’s reply, I now know that it is not a rule, while it certainly helps.

The eye opening fact is that Jake is no longer relative to pixel worlds.In terms of being here ofcourse.

Nah. He said those things when he STILL was admin.

Ondrashek is my friend! Leave him alone.

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Yeah, when a completely different team were in charge. Now that new people have taken over, there is no obligation to stick to the previous moderator selection criteria.


Well explained , I was lazy

thanks guys! sorry this late reply :smiley:



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