Content Creator Requirements are well enforced

(as long as promoting rule breaking is considered something positive)


is a scamfail rulebreaking i suppose it is…

If making clickbait/copy-paste videos is considered positive, I couldn’t think of any requirements better than this.
You literally copied a youtuber’s video and pasted it in your video. “gOoD & pOsItIvE CoNtENt”

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“Scamfailing” is scamming and guess what:
scamming is bannable

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Most of these content creators would just do the same thing, over and over :roll_eyes: The requirements didn’t specify you’d have to make good quality videos, anyways.

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Is the blind trade that bad? Did he accept?

Yes he did :clown_face:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :eyes:
(20 Characters)

They probs returned items still very illegal tho

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Wow these videos look so original, I should definitely do scamfails and get 10k views instead of voice acted Rick and Morty skits that get 100 views.


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I mean From has bad content in general only drooling babies watch him

I will never understant the “SET CHALLANGE 8 PL EDITION ROAD TO 5000 PL OMG GONE WRONG” videos

to be honest, i expected a thread from a developer simp when i read the title, but i’m glad it was this instead lol.

when i read threads that criticise flaws instead of trying to justify them, it makes me feel relieved. i think that more people need to express valid opinions more.

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If the requirements of video content were to be higher probably 70 - 90% content creators would lose their titles and I still don’t like those ncs songs AND the panzoid intros AND AGAIN those weird thumbnails

The problem is that there are barely and original PW youtubers 90% of them are road to _ youtubers
the other 9% is news and the 1% is original content

Most of them only get famous because they haveover 200 PLs without the PLs they would have nothing to bring to the table

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Commanderder :eyes:

Very true
Is it just me or after Bpup decided to make news stuff, some people started copying it? If yes then that’s lame

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I have nothing against most of them but its just bad to see these kind of videos when i search pixel worlds on youtube

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That’s probably because of the audience that watched the videos, most people nowadays just care so much about profit that making new video ideas became something only a fraction of the community would like (Like us who care about originality)

Also this is just cringe image

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there have been countless other news channels before him. we can’t say people have started copying it…

Maybe I’ve just been seeing some other type of content and don’t know much about PW content creators, I only suspected this because I started seeing more news stuff a couple of weeks after Bpup joined the whole news stuff

But honestly theres not much stuff you can do in pw for a youtube video

You can do News, Road to _, WOTW review maybe? Update showcase and probably a few more i cant think of