Continuation of the Pixelian RPG character info game thing

It’s gonna be the same as last time but with some stuff added or changed. And yes, I am Groot.

Username: KirbTehFan99

Nicknames: Kirb, KirbTehFan, Kirby

Gender: Female

Physical appearance: Skin 9, Long Purple Hair, Brown Contacts, Basic Glasses, White Sweater, Baggy Jeans, Pink Sneakers

Sometimes wears: Pixie Wings, Cape of Glide

Preferred weapon choice: Claymore

Personality: Inscrutable, creative, a wanter more than a needer, noob-y, unintentionally talkative, very picky about what items she wants

Typical behavior: Almost always seen at a PW Terminal, terraforms every world she creates by flattening it, tries to hoard World Locks, normally stays quiet

Typical inventory: Packed with random stuff almost always fully, maxed out inventory size

Likes: Hangout worlds, terraforming, hoarding stuff, sending several suggestions to the developers

Dislikes: Worlds that have stuff beating you up, worlds that have storylines, not having World Locks on hand, stuff she wants being overly-expensive, Perks having unfair requirements

Strengths: Can terraform worlds really well by flattening them, is mediocre at building houses, very creative

Weaknesses: Too picky, sometimes an attention-hogger, terrible at PVP/PVE despite having a sword, is a crybaby, very gullible, can’t build anything else besides houses, forgetful, can’t properly execute her plans, constantly brings up the idea of the hoods of hoodies being rolled down off the head

Backstory: Doesn’t remember a lot about that, but does remember that she got her Claymore sword from a dumpster

Favorite PW song: Dub on Fire

3 random offtopic facts: Favorite food is pepperoni pizza, owns about 25 to 30 plushies but hasn’t done an official count on the grand total, is a certified couch potato

I’m not sure if this fit the category #general:lore but okay…

Nice character detail thing though

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Bruh, first banned accounts now this is lore

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We are getting somewhere, I feel it!

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