Continue hoodie or other?

You think hoarding much seasonal hoodie is a good idea? my goal is 100 of them.
Stop it and hoard other instead?
Invest in mechanical wings

or if you have better idea let me know

I suppose you could I don’t the price of seasonal hoodies

The seasonal hoodies will rise at some point, so you probably won’t lose anything there, but it’s unlikely that you’ll make too much profit, as I doubt they’ll rise by a large amount.

I like hoodies…so goof idea :slight_smile:

they are like 1 wl

Oh it wouldnt be that much to hoard plus it will rise so not a bad investment

Rise but not a lot = like 200 bc profit which is pretty dumb cuz u are selling 100 hoodies while it drops

Hoard something that people like because it has a bigger chance of rising

Yea people might like the xmas calendar hoodies (Im pretty sure thats what you mean by seasonal because the other ones are not limited) but its not an item that people REALLY like

Or hoard something that some people hate (Example: pride hat) people who hate it will trash it therefore it will rise

Im not a fan of pride hat so nTy

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