Control idea: ground pounding

I had this idea in mind, the down arrow has no use in the game, so the ground pound could be implemented into the game. When you press the down arrow key while in the air, you would perform a ground pound. It would be a cool feature to use in parkour worlds or in lava game/spleef games and in other ways. Parkouring would be improved a lot. It doesn’t have to be an actual ground pound; pressing down the arrow key could have an effect that just makes you fall faster, then it wouldn’t need any ground pounding animations.

How would the ground pound be available: one way would be adding a ground pound button for everyone. For mobile users especially, you can remove the ground pound button from the settings if you don’t want it. Another way would be to add an item that gives the ground pounding ability. Last one could be a new perk.

What do you guys think?


I think this is a pretty neat idea! Reminds me of a game that had this feature but I forgot :skull:

pretty… good idea… good for parkourers like me!



man… I was considering using this same exact gif in my post…


… I use the down arrow to chat

Almost all Mario games since Mario 64 have ground-pounding. However Mario Galaxy 1/2 or Odyssey have Ground-Pound Switches, which could be good for a wiring switch in PW.


Now the fat suit will have 2x groundpound damage


Ground pounding on mobile could be done by swiping down while in the air.


i love pounding things

Brawhalla but the issue is the one is 2D and the other is again 2D but pixel

You’re right

You have a slow intellectual mind set.

Who cares?