Cooking update

we have fishing, mining, but it would be cool if we had cooking!

First to start cooking you will need different tools like a Pan, knife, wisk, and a spatula. This can all be bought from the shop with gems! Next, you will need the ingredients Booster from the shop this will have stuff like Wheat, eggs, milk etc.

Next you will go to a new dynamic world, where you can choose the restaurant you want to work at. Or you can make cooking gear, with special things you get from serving customers. The things you can cook depends on the restaurant your at. To unlock the other restaurants you must get a 5 star rating at the previous one then it resets after you do them all!

Here are some restaurants you choose from in this world!

  • Fast Food

  • Sandwich shop

  • Taco shop

  • Ice cream parlor

  • Italian restaurant

Once you choose a restaurant you will need to serve customers you need to give them what they ordered! Depending on the customer depends on what they give, tips the provide, and how they want their meal.

Customer types

-standard, provide common ingredients, small tip (Easy).

-celebrity, provide uncommon ingredients to rare ,medium tip (Medium).

-critic, provide rare ingredients to Legendary ,Large tip (Hard).

After that you need to cook what they want, certain things can be cooked at certain stations. For example.

  • Deep fryer
  • Oven/stove
  • Grill

Next you will need to choose the heat! Depending on the heat, depends on what star food you will make for them.

Low Heat: 1-2 star meal, Mini game meter medium speed

Medium Heat: 2-3 star meal, Mini game meter Fast speed

High Heat: 4-5 star meal, Mini game meter Very Fast speed
to cook, there would be a pop up screen and you would choose the heat, after that you would start the cooking then you would add the ingredients. After that you need to wait 5-20 seconds depending on the heat. Then you would play the Meter mini game.

Mini game

What you need to do is you need to push the button when you press it the meter will move Right, if you let go if it will go left. Your goal is to land on blue, if it does you get the highest star food. If on green, one of the lower star foods. Red or orange you fail and you need to start all over.

After you get all the food, you need depending on how long it takes depends on the tip so you need to be as fast as possible once you serve 3 customers or spend 10-20 mins in the world you will be kicked out of the world.


Chefs hat-Slows meter speed

Chefs shirt-Happier customers stay happier for longer

Chefs pants-Increased Tip payout

Chefs boots-Higher chance for ingredients

Waiters suit-Higher chance for ingredients

Waiters bow tie-Slows meter speed

Waiters boots-Happier customers stay happier for longer

Serving tray-Increased Tip payout

Waitress dress-Higher chance for ingredients

Waitress boots-Happier customers stay happier for longer

Waitress hair-Slows meter speed

Pick a card!

Some of the recent updates have had a feature, where you can win stuff! After you complete a restaurant you will get a Chefs coin. You can pay it and you can pick one of 3 cards!

(I Know some of the examples I showed are not the best but, it’s to understand a little more for this idea!)


some good idea, nice

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It would be nice if we could cook food to heal our health in the mines and nether and sb.

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I’ve been craving for some of this, but can’t believe someone else actually spent so much time thinking and writing this down. There might be some minor tweaks needed for this update (it’d be great if it’s not something that has to do with profiting because we know once it’s about money, it’s no longer fun). It’s a good fundamental though.

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But once people don’t make profit from it, alot won’t even do this.

Also finally someone made a suggestion thread on cooking. I’ve been seeing alot of people wanting a cooking update in discord

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Even more reason why I think we should not make it a primary way for someone to earn money. This game is supposed to be fun, and not making money all the time. We’ve got plenty means to make money, so let’s focus on other aspects already. Not every update needs to be introducing new means to make money.

Sounds like an interesting idea. Not bad at all. :smile:

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what if we starve will we die?

The suggestion’s a cooking update not hunger…


This suggestion was alread suggested before at this exact forums, but this has more informations so…

It would be cool if they added it, but is the customers an npc or a player? How can you apply a job? (Ice cream parlor, etc,) will there be something or it is free to join in? How will this implemented?

Update: will there be any prizes if we’ve completed any cooked foods?

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Yeah I know this was suggested, on the old forums but they didn’t give as much detail as I put in here. The customers would be a npc, as each one is a different level but, players would be cool tho.

The fast food would be free to enter, you just need gems to buy the ingredients from the booster and the tools! It would be free to join, in but in order to do the other ones you would have to get a 5 star rating at the previous one and it resets after you do the last open.

After you serve a customer, depending on the customer type, how long it took, what star meal they where asking for depends on the prize. The prize would be ingredients to make gear, better tools. as well as the gems the dish would cost. As well as a tip. The tip and ingredients depend on the factors i listed above. If you mange to cook all 3 customers meals you will get a chefs coin where you can use to pick a card any card!

last question: how can we cook? (Will there be a pop up screen and we are going to make it or just by pressing the ingredients?)

I’m already loving this kind of update I won’t even lie!

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I didn’t really mean that it should be a profiting method
But one that you wouldn’t really lose alot and gain something (even in small scale) in return


I didn’t cover this to much so I might add the information on the thread. But there would be a pop up screen and you would choose the heat, after that you would start the cooking then you would add the ingredients. After that you need to wait 5-20 seconds depending on the heat. Then you would play the Meter mini game.

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Yes. Something that’s not profitable enough to be made a job, but it won’t put you in big negative.

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Bump, I need more feedback on this.