Cool world, jake. 👀

(World got confiscated from devii13 for an unknown reason)

If he is giving them all back and releasing 400 free PL into the economy, thats a very thoughtless move from him. It ruins the economy but also ruins the game for people who actually bought them for normal price before they dropped.

Why would devs even get involved in something like this… So disappointed.

Well technically not ruining economy but fixing the prices that devii ruined lol

I do see where you’re coming from, maybe jake should give them to a staff member to sell them on an alt instead, and only give away a few

I’m sure he didn’t affect the prices entirely anyway, or is the playerbase that small?

The price of the sweetheart sword is around 100-150 give er take.

Releasing a lot of LIMITED items back into economy will for sure change price. I know from experience. I had a hoarded item worth 500, after selling 5 or 10 it dropped to 300. And thats from selling, hes giving them away for free.

A bad move from developers if they do decide to release those items to the public instead of being destroyed. If this were to be the case, I personally would never trust their words about something being ‘time limited’ since it may well be a repeated history of the past. Why would I pay premium for the luxury of obtaining so-called ‘limited item’ when it will eventually be released into the public months down the road.

Even if this is a one-time exception, it shouldn’t have been. People who bought or kept those items were doing so with the idea of, ‘this will definitely be a rare item in the future’ in mind only to be betrayed by their own community manager.

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It’s not a spawned item, and Jake giving it away mostlikely same as hoarder releasing the sword, and it will just back to normal price