Copying another world bad?

is it bad to copy others world design? recently i copied a world but i made a few adjustments to make it different and gave world credits.

bad or good

if bad ill destroy atlest 20wl worth placed.
if good, i rate 1 world

credited: world date
my world: inb4

Its allowed to copy other world aslong its not used with hacks or anything else if somebody makes the same desgin as you and if he does it legit with no hacking then its allowed
maybe people will get mad but no ceratin rule aganist

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no not really, Its allowed I think there was a world of the week that was a copy of another just winter themed.


Yes copying theme worlds isnt but normal is

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that definately should be justified lol, og owner so diappointed mabye
guess its not illegal to copy

i no use hacks and only copied atlest 10% of the world

trust me its not bad you can copy worlds maybe event worlds but even like its actually allowed to copy everyworld if event world or not event worlds should just not be rebuild with hacks or while doing shady things

no its not bad at all!

Thats fine dont worry

It’s not illegal to copy other world designs, but it is kind of scummy in my opinion.
Would you really feel great about just copying someone else’s work without permission? How do you think they’d feel about you getting WOTW by copying their world?
I think it’s not cool at all. This is a game of being creative, not copying and pasting.

i am trying to find the world owner, but kind think hes inactive. i visit the world daily for permissions. im not gonna nominate the worl for wotw, just for personal.


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Oh, that was me but I built both worlds so technically I just re-used my design and copied no one.

Copying worlds is generally okay in terms of farms or maybe a trade world design. If it’s like a parkour world, I’d consider maybe just taking inspiration rather than an entire design.

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btw i think that was same as the volcano parkour. owner is woshibushi i think?

I mean, atleast have some originality and imagine some things you have never imagined and turn it into a creation. Try it.

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It’s not illegal, but it isn’t nice to do either, due to the original design creator putting time into designing the world.

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@Commanderder What did you edit?

Oh forgot to specify what i edited again.
Moved it to #general as it’s more appropriate here.

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I mean…people do it, it’s not illegal or anything, and usually anyone who gets called out for it gets a lot of backlash, but it happens. Honestly if anyone ever copied one of my WOTWs I’d be more impressed than angry…

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This thread is getting revived by forumers, as of now. I’m making a world planner for it. I’ll destroy off the copied world sooner.

I know copying is bad, it’s just a inspirational build for me.

I dont know? maybe do it but with a different strategy?

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This thread could be considered as solved then?