CoronA event

Spread around world viruses what u can see and players need escape to exact openarea block size"immune" spots. On event start blocks kick & ban that cant be used.
Event takes randomly place one to few worlds where is more than 10 players… players who get viruses turn to virus form and cant move for 5 min. Immune spots change after 3-10 sec and in end only one will survive and win special reward corona hat. Event occurs for 3 day. Only 30 hats in event …
next month would be shirt …
next month pants …
next month toy item …


hmm idk i just dont really like this idea it seems just well not good enough and I would’nt really want a coronavirus related event…

especiallly when covid ends are they just gonna end this event…

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Cool idea, I would like it more when there is a zombies event as well.

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How can you make the immunization, how will it spread?
the event should be finished once everyone is cured.

Viruses are randomed in world and they will start moving toward closest players at event starts.
If player is catched by virus he turns to virus(spot) and is blocked to move, causes as well virus to spread from his location. Players need avoid viruses and they will get faster by time - Event max last time is 5 min.
Immune (Vacination spots randomly spawns and will come more rare by time and lasts random 3-5 seconds)
Virus hits Immune spots destroys virus and cause respawns in random location to destroyed virus , virus amount increases by time in world and from players who got caught u have seconds to escape next immune spot until only 1 player is left.
At event start moment to event end can’t join world - blocked but can leave world. *
Doors and portals can’t be used when event is spawned *

This is the reason why i made a suggestion about Science stations because it would be logic to make vaccines in a science stations.

that works too, i like it.

I agree with @Orangehairguy, im pretty sure most of us are sick of covid at this point.

I don’t think that’s a good idea either, as owners could lose the power of their own world.

I also think there should be a way to Block the event from starting in worlds

Other than that the idea seems alright, I think it needs more stuff/info how it works


I don’t think that’s a good idea either, as owners could lose the power of their own world.
I also think there should be a way to Block the event from starting in worlds.

Here is answer why :" at event Owner or Admin shouldn’t be able to Steal reward Win from Event " - Block of Kick & Ban and Enter would last Event time Max 5 mins.

that does not matter though imagine if somebody was scamming or hacking and the owner couldn’t ban them?

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This could be solved by Buying Event item like IceCream Cone for World to start spawn… so u actually take the risk by yourself. In this case it would simple be COVID19 item. Sad part of our history and same time its mark for making things better in future.

yeah but my other point is will this just stop when covid is over or keep on going because either one wouldnt really work well

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Maybe make the reward worse the less people who are in the world. Or give everyone the same reward to every player. This can help owner to stop banning people, instead of making the the ban/kick feature unusable.


cough cough UBISOFT

I don’t like the idea of turning a deadly virus into a fun minigame

What about ubisoft? If you meant that the other game already has it, they don’t own zombies nor created the idea.

Maybe the event could take place in a randomly generated world, made up of different modules, similarly to that of the Nether. That way, since nobody would own the world, there would be no risk of the world owner stealing the prize.

Would u like if players would turn to viruses and Nurses would be hunting players"Viruses" , if player is touched by Nurse they turn Nurses too.

Plague doctors better

Wait lemme buy back my plague doc mask

A rough idea, but overall interesting one. I believe given enough time to think about it properly and polishing the suggestion, this might be very appealing for future update.

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