Cosplay Event!

Hello im Hosting a Cosplay Event in Instagram and I want my fellow forumers to join too.

Event Starts in 2 days…

(Still Looking for Someone to sponsor some prize)

It could Anime, an Artist, a Game Character and etc.

Instead of waiting in ig, I’ll update you guys here without Ig acc. Goodluck!!


I’ve got several questions =
A. Besides his/her PW character, do we also have to include a photo of who we’re cosplaying as well?

B. Is submission limited to Instagram only? Or are we able to submit our cosplayed sets in this forum thread as well?

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is this making set that look like anime or smth?
edit:i edit it lol so this is set competition or smth?

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i searched for ur insta but didnt found it lol

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hes insta are lol

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well, his profile card says its…

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i guess she forgot change

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Edit :
Also i’m not gonna enter this time since, ngl, I don’t like anime

Uh, oh someones probably gonna hunt me down for saying that

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forgot about that :sweat_smile: bcs i use ‘‘he’’ too much lol

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A. yes
B. You can post to a certain thread ill be making 2 days from now

Cosplay to anything. Making sets look like an anime character, an artist, a Game Character, any

Can we make the sets in Pixel Worlds Planner?

@Spycreed time to unleash your sets

Like this? xD eheheheh sorry its edited . :smiley: ahahah XD

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ooo my time has come :sparkles: :sparkles:

Question: Can we put several sets or it must be only one set per participant?

Hmmmm ill ask other firts

Cosplay event is now Posted in my Ig Check it out

You can use PixeWorld Tools/ Planner to avoid spending too much wls

Since, I don’t have Instagram, we just post the set here right?