Crappy PW Suggestions 2: Electric Boogaloo

So here I am, with another crappy suggestions post, that would make no sense nor would be ever added!
1: Forum logo refresh!
Tell me, doesn’t this logo look clean and refreshing?

I’m surprised that nobody has used this logo for their forums… Probably a huge company… Maybe Japanese?
2: A larger lock?!
Hmm… Only small, medium, and large lock? How about a giant lock? It has to be worth the price, so what about a 1000x1000 area lock? Now, wouldn’t that be enough? I’d think that this type of lock is worth 3500 gems, don’t you think? And to make it stand out, it would have a shiny, golden appearance!
3: A new event?
The current events? Collecting stuff and turning that in for rewards at a NPC? Meh, who wants that! We want an event where we are in POWER! Let’s say that during the event, EVERYONE would have access to the admin panel! Teleporting, free breaking, bans, who doesn’t want that?
4: Donation box, but…
It donates to the devs! Put your BC and items in, and it goes straight to fund the developers of this game! Any amount counts!
5: Amplified Giveaways!
Hey, what about we make people feel more rewarded for their time on their stream! I got an idea - let’s give out 300 diamond VIP tickets to users on the stream! If there are less than 300 players, give 2 to some random users!

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I’m confused, is this supposed to be a joke? Not funny tbh, so either way this thread is stupid.

What’s wrong with you? You always just share criticism, but don’t make it constructive.

My only constructive criticism for you is to post less threads and think more.

Have you actually read what you just posted?


if this was a joke it was pointless and you kinda wasted your time.

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