Crappy PW suggestions

Here’s some suggestions that will 100% not be added because they would be too crappy.

  • World lock LITE: 1000 gems. Functions like WL but rights cannot be granted to other people, nor can the ownership be traded. Basically WL but without the wrench menu.
  • Diamond No Camera sign: 20k gems. Functions like the normal no camera sign, but it’s extra blingy AND doesn’t let mods/admins bypass that.
  • LockyBlock: Is a block, but it can only be broken by the person who placed it. Like locks, but they lock only themselves.
  • The Ultimate Lure: Can catch LITERALLY any type of fish, ingredients, or stuff, and it has a very fast strike rate. Yes, even crabs. Legendary+ item, crafted from 50 lucky lures.
  • World playlists: Private lists of your worlds that you set up yourself. Type “(NAMEOFPLAYLIST)” (with brackets) to bring up a dynamic world, which is a building with portals to playlist worlds.

BONUS: Actual suggestion
Make the entrance block also be a “safezone”, in which you cannot be killed, pushed by fans, or affected by other blocks in the world. Prevents spawnkilling and troll worlds that loop you.

It just isn’t fair that only mods/admins can safeguard themselves from these annoying troll worlds.

please post in the correct sub-forum next time. moved from General to Game Suggestions.

These are joke suggestions, that’s why I posted in general. The first 5 suggestions are not to be taken as actual ones.

but you have an actual suggestion.

Newbie Lock :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

2nd one would just be abused by people

That’s why I literally called it a “crappy suggestion”. But I’m just curious, in what sort of way could that be abused? Because admins have that neat TP/Pan tool which lets them view the entire world. They don’t need to save screenshots of every world.

suggestions are suggestions.

LockyBlock sounds cute, sounds like Loki. Lol.

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