Crash is solved!

When im trying to go play pw ots just a black screen…nothing happens! But when i open boom beach it just crashes! Othet games works good! Do you guys have this problem? If its not gone soon ill ask them on their gmail xd maybe. But help me :frowning:

And yeah if i uninstall the games and vlose them then they start not working again!

Give info, like what device are you playing on? when did this start to happen?

It started this morning and im playing woth mobile

What device module? (20 Characters)

Are you meaning like samsung? Bc i have samsung a7

Have you tried to reboot your phone? Is there any updates you haven’t installed yet?

Reboot device.

Käynnistä laite uudestaan, se korjannee asian.

No i have tried it and didnt work

And i have updared evwrything

I’m not sure, if this could be the issue but I heard there some issues right now. with apps crashing on android. I’m not sure if this effects Samsung.

So i just went to news and they said you have to update one app which some people didnt udate automaticly! So this thing us solved :smiley: